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"The purpose to support the development of football athletes"


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Your one stop shop for football development!

FC Sokkr Academy- International Football Club In Spain


At Sokkr we are launching brand new for Sept 2024 FC Sokkr Academy, a full-time international football club based in Salou, Spain for male and female footballer's aged 18+ years to continue both their academic and football education.

Our program will offer various options to the players all of which includes:

- 9 month football 

- 5 month football 

- 3 month football  

- 1 month football 


- All of the above plus a Language course, PT Qualification, football coaching qualification. 


- Online degree

- Online masters degree


Each program will include accommodation at our world class facility at Cambrils Park, meals, Gym, rehab and spa alongside many other amenities.  


Uniquely our teams will be registered as part of our club which means we will compete in senior Spanish leagues with the ability to grow the club longer term. This gives players the realism of competitive football whilst still being allowed to develop into the best versions of themselves. 

The Sokkr Athlete International Performance Camps


Potential into Excellence

Brand new for the 2024, the Sokkr Athlete Performance Camps is suitable for football players with a drive and determination to elevate their game to their next level. Perfect for Professional, Semi-Professional, academy and college football players. Within this subscription you will have access to the following:

  • Camps 

  • Accommodation

  • X3 meals per day

  • Transfers

  • Player performance assessment pack

  • Tailored training sessions by UEFA coaches

  • Personal Gym Plan 

  • Personal Nutrition plan 

  • Psychology Development 

  • Access to Rehab + Spa

  • Player analysis

  • Bike hire

  • Friendly fixtures (club sessions)

  • Performance grip socks

  • Sokkr Apparel

  • The Vault (Online analysis platform)

  • Recognised as a Sokkr athlete

  • Guest speakers, coaches and workshops

  • Regular support and guidance

  • Medical clinic 

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The Vault + The Gaffers Lounge

Also brand new for 2023/24 Sokkr will be providing a scouting platform for players to sign up and share, upload their playing CV and information to one site.

Now what makes The Vault unique is that players can upload their game clips all to one platform. From here relevant scouts, coaches and clubs from all levels of the game who will also have their own unique accounts can access. The key benefits:

- Scouts can access your playing CV 

-  Access to your game clips in one place, no more uploads to multiple clubs



"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory, Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat" - Sun Tzu

This service is aimed at coaches and players who wish to have a mentor to help guide them in their journey. Our consultants will assess your coaching/match-day sessions and provide a detailed feedback form along with regular support.

Our Own Grip Sock Brand!


TSG Cup 2025

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Together Stronger

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