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Who are we?

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What is Sokkr

Sokkr was started in 2023 with the purpose to support the development of football athletes. Allowing everyone the chance to focus on their personal growth by being their one stop shop with regards to coaching support, talent ID and exposure as well as clothing that supports training. Our aim is to inspire whilst empowering our Sokkr Athletes to fulfil their own aspirations and maximize their potential.

Providing specialized coaching for individuals and small groups pre, during and post season, support with analysis and personal development plans and the latest top tier performance grip socks and luxury athlete and street clothing which looks to local and wider communities to help support self esteem and confidence across the UK and Europe.

To also aid development coming soon our exciting Player/Coaches Vault, a library of footage to learn and showcase or identify talent.

Sokkr is your all in one football support. Our services are specialised to enhance the development of players at all ages and levels in the game. With over 10 years of experience in the industry our team are dedicated to establishing that extra 0.001% it takes every day to improve and reach your goals.

As well as supporting players our goal is to reach out to the coaching and scouting audience as a support system to help with coaching insights, analysis and feedback. After all better coaches make for better players allowing better scouts to find those diamonds in the rough.  

On top of the player, coach, scouting support coming soon we will be launching our very own clothing brand related to training wear and accessories.  


Players Vault


1:1/Group Specialised coaching/Camps




Analysis and Coaches Lounge

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