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International Football Performance Camps

We have a couple of versions as you can see attached with our brochure's. Please note that every player that sign's up to any of our camps will be regarded as a Sokkr Athlete. Our camps are designed to of course give a great experience to players but most importantly are there to enhance and improve player performance regardless of ability and it inclusive in its nature by striving to offer world class delivery and facilities. 


Sokkr Athlete Residential camps- These are the more traditional format for sports camps across Europe. usually lasting between 5-10 day's which includes everything listed below but in a more intense short burst of time. Friendly fixtures can be arranged to offer that international exposure, alongside other excursion activities to add to their experience. 


Sokkr Athlete CZEN- This is a more unique plan we offer to players where it can be more bespoke to a players timetable. In a simple form it can be x1 weekend per month however this can be flexible to suit availability. The purpose behind this format is to be able to assess and analyse performance improvement over a gradual period of time allowing development to be at the heart of everything we do. 


Sokkr Athlete 16- This is specifically for the u16's age group. I have been fortunate to be offered the opportunity to develop a team for the Smartfootball cup based at the same location in Salou Spain for the end of April 2024. The requirement for the standard is to be playing at the highest standard for their level of competition. The tournament allows us to take on teams such as Real Madrid, Espanyol ensuring we get at least x2 big clubs in our group. The idea behind Sokkr 16 is to mirror the CZEN plans from January- April as training camps to prepare for the tournament. This could also be possible for u14's and is available for male and female participants. 


All camps will be run by our fully qualified team of staff with a mixture of Spanish culture and guest coaches including UEFA Pro/A/B licence from different levels of the industry to keep learning fresh and varied. We will have access to a Medical clinic with Dr's specialised in sports rehab and ensuring player care is paramount. A sports nutritionist involved with elite athletes at professional football clubs and a sports Psychologist who works with a number of premier league and championship athletes.  


In addition we also have a partnership with an international education provider in Socrates Educa who with it may be possible to add additional learning either whilst on our camps or online learning in a chosen subject. For example they teach four languages, Spanish, Catalan, English and Mandarin. Other subjects can be offered should you wish. 


  • Camps 

  • Accommodation

  • X3 meals per day

  • Transfers

  • Player performance assessment pack

  • Tailored training sessions by UEFA coaches

  • Personal Gym Plan 

  • Personal Nutrition plan 

  • Psychology Development 

  • Access to Rehab + Spa

  • Player analysis

  • Bike hire

  • Friendly fixtures (club sessions)

  • Performance grip socks

  • Sokkr Apparel

  • The Vault (Online analysis platform)

  • Recognised as a Sokkr athlete

  • Guest speakers, coaches and workshops

  • Regular support and guidance

  • Medical clinic 

To Register for interest please contact 

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